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Established 1976
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 All companies, businesses, organizations, individuals or business-related entities are eligible to become members of the N.B.A. An organization or business-related entity receiving government funding may apply to become a member of the Nisku Business Association, but such application will require the approval of The Board of the N.B.A..
The Membership Year
The NBA’s membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st; however new members are always WELCOME and can join at anytime.
Membership Fee
Each year the NBA Board of Directors sets the membership fee. The annual fee for the current membership year is $325.00 (no gst).
Board Representation/Voting
While all NBA Members are eligible to nominate a director to the NBA Board, only those members located or owning property or facilities, inclusive of utility amenities, within the boundaries of Nisku Industrial Business Park and paying Nisku property taxes, either directly or indirectly through rent, are eligible to hold an Executive Committee position on the Board and have voting privileges. Honorary Members are not eligible to hold office or vote.

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