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Established 1976
History of the Nisku Business Association
At 2 p.m. on January 14th, 1976, a meeting was held in the boardroom of Sparrow Industries Ltd., Nisku building, for the purpose of organizing a committee of firms from Nisku Industrial Park to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern. Discussion centered on the need for a bank in Nisku, proposed bus service for the Park, concern about security for businesses, plans to develop a recreational park for Nisku workers, and a commitment from every company to supply two volunteers for fire protection purposes.

The Association, which grew out of this committee, was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta on January 13th, 1977 as the Nisku Industrial Park Businessmenís Association (NIPBA). In November of 1984, the Association officially changed its name to the Nisku Business Association (NBA).

Directed by a volunteer Board of Directors, installed annually, the Nisku Business Association has taken on many challenges and projects. Lobby efforts have included the Association petitioning for the construction of a highway overpass into the Park, a Nisku Post Office, and improvement of roads in the Business Park. NBA membership, which has multiplied six fold since 1976, has often united, to provide the Association with the backing necessary to achieve success.

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