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Established 1976
The Nisku Business Associationís mandate is to:
  1. To discuss and take action on matters of mutual interest relative to the Nisku Industrial Park such as:
    • Salary and Wage Surveys
    • Security of Premises
    • Fire Protection
    • Road Maintenance
    • Property Taxes
    • Telephone and Other Utility Costs
    • Recreation Facilities including maintenance for Company Employees
    • General beautification program including upkeep of side yards and buildings.
    •  Mail delivery
    • Transportation matters such as
    • Trucking, and
    • Public Transportation

  2. To stimulate interest in utilizing goods and services available from firms within the industrial park.
  3. To maintain ongoing communication and liaison with the County of Leduc and the Province of Alberta Government departments which can assist in the above noted areas in item 1.
  4. To provide an atmosphere of good fellowship and cooperation among firms located in the Nisku Industrial Park.
  5. To promote and encourage other causes, projects and undertakings which shall in the opinion of the members be worthy of their support.
  6. To maintain harmonious relations with the Hamlet of Nisku and surrounding acreage owners and the Nisku Community League.

Please note: the text above is from the original objectives filed with the Alberta Societyís Branch when the Nisku Business Association was incorporated as a registered Society in the Province. 

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