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Nisku Directory Book & CD
The Nisku Business Association publishes a Nisku Business Directory containing listings and information on all companies located in the Nisku Business Park and all NBA members. The directory is published annually, usually in June, and is provided in an electronic (CD) format.  

NBA Members:
NBA members receive one CD at no charge.  Additional CDs may be purchased for $10.00* each. 

Non-members may purchase a CD for $30.00* each.

*The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not charged by the Association.

Orders for the Nisku Directory CD may be either picked up at the Nisku Business Association office or you may request that the Association mail them to you.  Please Note:  if you request that your order be mailed to you, additional charges will apply to cover the cost of postage.

Payment is required in advance before an order can be filled. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Visa credit card. If you are picking up your order, the Nisku Business Association's office is located at #2, 501 - 11 Avenue, Nisku. Payment may be made at the time of order pick up. If you request the Association to mail your order, payment must be received in advance. You can mail your cheque to the Nisku Business Association, Box 1041, Nisku, Alberta, Canada T9E 8A8. Upon receipt of payment your order will be mailed to you.

To Order your copy of the Nisku Directory CD, please click on the button below.

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